Yahoo Mail Sucks

This is an every day thing, not just a once-in-a-while problem.

This mail system does not work and I have to wonder if Yahoo is aware of it (they MUST be!) or maybe it’s just affecting certain browsers like the latest Firefox which I use…? Maybe it works for the IE people? I’d be curious to know.
Either way, Firefox has millions of users and most people I am sure do update to the latest one so Yahoo should be on the ball and make sure it’s working. Surely they get advanced copies so they can test it with the latest Firefox,  Chrome, IE, etc…

When one goes to read one’s mail the last thing one wants or needs is to have to struggle with the mail program site or software. It’s just effing ANNOYING!

If the idea for providing a free email service is to make people like the Yahoo “brand” then Yahoo is really blowing it because I now HATE the Yahoo brand. And frankly even if they do fix it at this point, I am still going to dislike the Yahoo brand for not getting it right to start with. And once I do switch over to Google or some better service, that’ll be it for the Yahoo brand and me. I will no longer use ANY Yahoo service.

As mentioned previously, I have already stopped using Yahoo as a search engine (Google is much better, or better yet,!). And I stopped advertising on Yahoo/MSN/Bing because it just did not work for me like google does. So Yahoo has only one thing left that I have been using and that’s the email. And as a result of the email I do see their home page and get a lot of my news and entertainment and health etc. stories from yahoo. But once I stop using Yahoo mail I will no longer bother to go there to read anything, Yahoo will be more or less non-existent to me.

If I wasn’t working so much I’d have already researched email providers and started using another one. As it is I may have another week or two before I switch over, so Yahoo has that much time to get its shit together before I totally abandon the Yahoo brand.

Yahoo: Are you listening?

People HATE the new Yahoo mail!

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10 Comments on “Yahoo Mail Sucks”

  1. Dom Says:

    AMEN BRO!…..Goodbye YAHOO!

  2. rex Says:

    the new update sucks, it slow and a big step backwards

    • Tim Thomas Says:

      Call 866-562-7219! It Yahoo mail. They’ll just hang up on you when they’re getting no where, so make sure you tell them off big time before they do.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yahoo is the worst email system ever, I attempt to access it on Firefox, Explorer, and Safari and all it does is lock up, move slower than a turdle if and when it works at all, more times than not it just sits there and locks up. I do not think Yahoo gives a rats behind about any of there email users. All versions of yahoo email are pathetic, It is garbage through and through and should be pulled as an enbaressment to the company

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yahoo is the worst email EVER, all versions stink are slow as heck and or lock up

  5. Wow, glad to hear that so many agree with me, at least about this version of Yahoo Mail!

    I was beginning to feel like Yahoo Mail was the Emperor who had no clothes on, and yet no one was willing to SAY it!

    Honestly, I LIKED the previous Yahoo Mail version. It worked very well for me. For some reason this new one just plain does not work. It locks up, freezes, goes blank, all kinds of weird behavior that annoys the hell out of me. I’ll be changing very soon, as soon as I have time to research what is out there.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Yep, the new version sucks….contacts are missing, freezes up, returns blank pages…..nice job Yahoo, way to screw up what was a easy to use app.

  7. 123 Says:

    It is AWFUL! The dang ads slow everything down from loading. You cannot search on it easily. Not alot of options. SLOW. It is time for me to just go back to a client. Ugh!

  8. Trevor Rymell Says:

    It would seem superfluous to add my negative comments to what is, by now, a roaring cacophony of complaints about the new Yahoo Mail. I do so now only in the vain hope that the perpetrators of this affront to common sense will get of their backsides and DO something to fix this mess.

    The new Yahoo Mail is an abomination of slowness, hang-ups and inefficiency and is unusable in any practical definition of that word. The whole debacle reminds me of Windows Vista and is as loudly wailing a testament to incompetency as it is possible to find in the annals of program development.

    Yahoo, this will not do! Not if you wish to avoid seeing your mail application relegated to the dustbin of history and your hitherto loyal followers disappear in droves to a competing program, you need to fix these problems fast!

  9. James Hicks Says:

    Yahoo mail sucks eggs big time June 2015. What else can be said. Slow as molasses in January Unreliable to function. Total crap, sdid, camel vomit. Yahoo, you are flucked up from this way to Sunday. Get your collective heads out of your yankee butttesoxes and solve at least one problem: Mail. Yahoo mail is fulucec up bit time. It is slow as Christmas. Seldom does it respond to mouse commands. We are begging you, Damnexd Yankeex, save yourselves for some god forsaken reason if there is anything for a yankee to save themselves from, barring hell.

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