I’m veering off-topic here for a minute to complain about another web service, Vexxhost.

Vexxhost is a hosting service where I have hosted my web site for a couple years. My web site is about some of the best Costa Rica real estate values in Costa Rica. It’s a very helpful site if you’re looking for land or a home in Costa Rica or want information about how to buy real estate in Costa Rica.

A couple weeks ago my site was hacked and I contacted Vexxhost for help. Let it be noted that Vexxhost boasts 24 hour a day/7 days a week / 365 days a year tech support and they give a phone number to call as well as an email form for help.

1) The phone support system is a bad joke. They have a recording saying they do not do tech support by phone. A joke, yes. Funny, no.

2) Their web form: I submitted a ticket and received an auto-response that they had received my request for help. But I received no response re my site having been hacked so I submitted another one after 3 days or so. I received another auto-response.

Here is is 2 weeks later and I have received not one response from Vexxhost.

So I am in the process of looking into moving my site and will move it as soon as I have the time to do so.

Meanwhile I have only this to opine:

VEXXHOST is an insecure hosting service.

VEXXHOST does not respond to help tickets.

VEXXHOST does not have telephone tech support.

VEXXHOST is not a good service for hosting your site(s).

In short:


My recommendation:

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4 Comments on “VEXXHOST SUCKS”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Vexxhost is a hosting service where I have hosted my web site for a year. My web site is about Business Directory for Turkish companies.

    On August 4th my site went down for some misconfiguration of a recovery completed a few days earlier.

    I contacted Vexxhost for help. I submitted a Ticket: #FIF-852-11311and received an auto-response that they had received my request for help.

    It took them quiet a while to extract my website from their back up. Finally when it was done, still they failed to recover my website.

    When I warned them that I will launch complaints about vexxhost if they failed to solve the issue.

    They come up with a reply that ‘We have exhausted all to resolve this issue. We have restored it from the backup you have provided and did all the things possible to get this resolved but unfortunately the issue has to be checked by your developer. We have worked with our senior technician and has done all your request regarding the restoration. This is beyond our scope of support and tried all we can to assist you on this.’

    However the issue has got nothing to do with the developers. On 2 occasions I warned them while recovering my website, they have failed to restore 50 odd tables from the MySQL database, which is one of the reasons of webpage not loading.

    After 9 days, I now launch my complaint for this hosting company.

  2. Jim Says:

    Glad to hear it. They have HORRIBLE customer service. Personally I think they should be driven out of business.

  3. Yash Says:

    As we were just a startup, we went to vexxhost because of their cheap plans, but you, please don’t get bluffed with plans as their services are very very very very very cheap, venerable(open to every attack) and they are least concerned with the problems of their customers.

    Our service were down for 3 continuous days due to a routing problem on their end and they were just trying to fool us and paying no attention to what was going on. Its my 8th month with those assholes and my services went down for 13th time. They never respond, their auto reply will keep bugging you and your services will continue to be down. This time its 4th day and those assholes are not replying queries and my services are down from last 96 hours. All my site data is on the server and status of server is “Error”. This is just a small example what I am telling you.

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