Yahoo Mail HELP is not forthcoming!

Here it is weeks down the line since the introduction of the new Yahoo mail and it still sucks! If anything, it may have gotten worse in the past week or two!
Today I clicked on a mail and just plain nothing happened.

Another time today I clicked a link in an email and went to that page and when I came back to that email it was blank. This happens continually with some links.

The bottom line is that Yahoo mail hangs, freezes, is slow as hell, and just basically does not work.
As far as I am concerned this new Yahoo mail puts the last nail in the coffin of the Yahoo company. They have NOTHING to offer now. Their advertising program sucks because no one uses Yahoo for searches. Their mail program sucks so no one will use their portal any more – why bother?

So what else is there for Yahoo? And if there is something else, believe me, they’ll screw that up too!

I just have not had time to research other mail systems that are web-based. I don’t really like google mail. And I hate Hotmail even more than Yahoo. So I don’t know where I’ll take my email but it won’t be yahoo, hotmail nor google.
Anyone other there have any ideas where the best web mail is? I’m even willing to pay a few bucks a year for it if it is secure, works well and has plenty of storage. But it should be available for free with ads on it. I don’t mind ads as long as my email WORKS, quickly, efficiently and dependably – all the things that Yahoo Mail no longer does.

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