The new Yahoo Mail is absolutely horrible. I have tried it with the latest Firefox, the latest IE and the latest Chrome and it has problems with all 3.

It works best with IE, then Chrome and does not work at all with Firefox.

In fact I have switched to Chrome temporarily due to this problem (actually I’ve had other problems with the new Firefox as well and in fact that may be the subject of another blog very soon).


But the new Yahoo Mail is apparently never going to work well and so if anyone has suggestions as to what mail is better (even if it costs some $) please let me know.

Hotmail is horrible, I hate it. Google is okay but I really don’t like it.


One of the major problems with Free Email such as Yahoo and Google and Hotmail is that if you have a problem, there is NO ONE to talk to about it! You can spend hours trying to track down an email address for Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Help. It’s basically “Well, it’s free, so if you have problems, it’s YOUR problem!”

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5 Comments on “THE NEW YAHOO MAIL 2011 SUCKS EGGS”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I AGREE IT SUCKS and there is no one to help you fix the problem. It freezes ALL the time and makes checking email a chore!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    100% terrible compared to the old… what happend to to simple stuff like cut and paste in some formats!!!???

    After 11 years, I’m done…. gmail here i come!


  3. Jim Says:

    I wonder when YAHOO MAIL is going to fix these problems?? I STILL cannot view attached jpg’s in Yahoo Mail! No problem with Google mail, though. Unfortunately I do prefer yahoo – the way it USED TO BE.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    +100. It blows. Like Yahoo. Dump it.

  5. Imstillpissed Says:

    Oh wow, this is from 2011! I’m writing this in 2017 as I’m still PISSED at what a shitty mail service Yahoo is. I’m still pissed at losing all of my shit from that account. It is August 2011, I just get back from a wonderful trip overseas with my family only to find out my yahoo email account has been compromised. WHAT???!!! Was it compromised or was it hacked? Because of this, I had to delete my account on my ipod Touch. (Remember those?) I lost not only my mail but my stories I’ve written on not just my yahoo account but also my ipod. What REALLY sucks is that I signed up with Apple through fucking Yahoo. I’m mostly more pissed off at myself for not getting anew email recovery address…

    From then on further I vowed to never use Yahoo ever again. The posts the horror stories of shitheads hacking yahoo accounts from Yahoo changing it’s classic interface in 2011 compromising a lot of our accounts just declares more strongly of what a shit service yahoo really is.

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