Phone Power – A Good Idea But Poor Quality Service

I REALLY WANTED to like PhonePower. It has the features I want and is cheap. What’s not to like?

The answer to “What’s not to like?” is the call QUALITY. I can’t tell you how many phone messages we’ve received that are totally inaudible! We don’t even understand who the caller is or the number they left! This is unacceptable! It’s just a garbled mess. Again, this is not the caller’s cell phone, this is PP. This NEVER happened with ATT.

Also we know these garbled messages are not from cell phones calling from poor cell phone service areas because often they are from a friend’s home phone or from an institutions such as a bank or service company.

We have had numerous instances of making a call to someone and having to call them back again because the quality is not just bad, it’s so bad you can’t even understand what the other person is saying and/or vice versa.
Now, I hear the pro-PP people saying “It must be your service!”
Well, we have Magic Jack and we never have these issues with Magic Jack! Magic Jack has its own set of problems – like a lack of features – which is why we bought PP.

Also these problems of poor call quality are not when I am downloading music or streaming Netflix. They often happen when my computer is OFF.

Tech Support:

I have to say that the tech support has been very easy to reach and very responsive. HOWEVER that means little when after spending HOURS of my time with them trying to resolve the problem, the phone still does not offer quality calls!

They did test after test, adjustment after adjustment, and still I get LOUSY call quality!

The latest – after I told them I am just going to have to cancel my service – is that they say it’s my ISP’s problem! Hmmm. Sorry, I don’t buy it. I get great upload and download numbers via my ATT DSL and PhonePower’s own tests show that my “MOS” # based on the site they sent me to test my connection, is always showing good numbers even according to PP’s own techs. Now suddenly it is my ISP’s problem? I don’t think so. If so, then why is the quality using Magic Jack so much better??? Huh?

So okay, if PhonePower works for you, great, go for it! I’m just here to point out the truth that it doesn’t work for everyone, that in our case, it is of unacceptable call quality and the features such as call waiting are hit and miss – sometimes it doesn’t work.

All in all I cannot recommend it to others.

I am currently looking for a better alternative. If I have to I’ll give up on VOIP and go back to ATT or Verizon but I certainly hope I can find a VOIP service that works as well as MagicJack but has at least some of the features of PP. The one feature Magic Jack is missing is automatic forwarding to a cell phone or other phone in case of internet outage. If they had that I’d try MagicJack Plus. But they don’t.

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