Paul Ponna – his attorney forced me to edit this post

Who is PAUL PONNA? I’m not sure….
All I know is…
I had a long post here about the many good reasons why I personally would never buy anything from Paul Ponna again but he had his attorney make me take it down…

Rather than fight (I have better things to do than mess with this insignificance) I am taking it down because I don’t want to get any slime on me in fighting it.

You can draw your own conclusions from this.

Note To Attorney: It is my hope that I have satisfied the legal requirements now and if not please contact me again and I will do whatever I have to do to make it right.

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3 Comments on “Paul Ponna – his attorney forced me to edit this post”

  1. Ricky Says:

    I too had a similar experience with paul Ponna, initially I thought that his software would help me generate money, unfortunately it didn’t.

    I used the software everyday for a month and put my whole time into making it work. The fact is …

    I feel the authorities should come down hard on people like Paul Ponna et al

  2. Inge Feiler Says:

    Thank you for this story
    I have promoted the site and gained nothing.
    Advertising takes away my time and if nothing comes back
    it is very annoying.

  3. Ushaka Udo Says:

    Indeed, Thank You for saving me. I was almost going Ponna’s products.

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