Yahoo Mail *STILL* Sucks – Is GMail an option?

More than a year after my first blog on this, and Yahoo Mail STILL sucks. Every once in a while it gets better. And then they f*ck it up again! Like clockwork! No sooner does it start to work well, then BOOM! they f*ck it up!

Sometimes links don’t work when people send them to me. They work fine in GMail or Hotmail but not in Yahoo mail.

Speaking of GMail: Is GMail an option?
The quick and simple answer is: NO.

GMail WORKS, yes. But it has other problems.

GMail is very invasive of your privacy. It’s like Microsoft. You know how MIcrosoft forces its software and services down your throat every time you turn around? Well, Google has taken up that business model as well. I guess they figure they want to make as much money as Microsoft so they may as well follow their business plan no matter how f*cked up it is.

So GMail constantly tries to get you to invite other people to their mail system, via a notice that comes up at the top of your mail box. And they also try to get you to involve yourself with other Google shit.

If you give them an old mailbox address that’s closed for your “backup email address” they will hound you no end until you give them one that works. Look, if I don’t want to give you assholes a working email address, why should I have to? Fuck you.

I fucking hate Google’s whole attitude. I have known people who participate in Google’s Adsense program – that’s where you get a popular site and then Google pays you to put their ads on there.

Well, I know several people – and apparently this is not at all uncommon – who Google just decided to close their accounts because of some never-made-clear violation of Terms of Service. Some people who has their whole livelihood wrapped up in Google’s Adsense program nearly lost their homes as a result of Google’s closing down their accounts with neither a warning nor an explanation.

Don’t get me started…

Google also has very mysterious business practices surrounding their Google search engine results. Millions of businesses of course rely on Google search results – a first page ranking is a huge boon to most businesses – and Google has the same type of “We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re Google” attitude towards these businesses as well. They routinely take a first page ranking – one that the business owners have either worked hard on to get, themselves, or paid good money to a Search Engine Optimization company to get – and just boot them right off the 1st page and back to page 5 or 10 or 40… with never a reason given nor an opportunity to even ask them and find out why.

So as far as I’m concerned GOOGLE IS EVIL and while I did try GMail out of desperation after Yahoo got so bad, I absolutely hate GMail too, even though it does work better than Yahoo.

Hotmail? I just hate them. Can’t exactly explain why. Their interface for mail is clunky and ugly. It depresses me. And they get TONS of spam.

So I’m STILL hoping for a good alternative. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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One Comment on “Yahoo Mail *STILL* Sucks – Is GMail an option?”

  1. purple state Says:

    I don’t hear people mention AOL. How do you feel about them? Also, got booted from Ad Sense. Anyone know some other “earn for clicks” money making site that works OK??

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