If you are here because you wanted to chime in on how Yahoo Mail sucks, you should know that GMAIL SUCKS TOO!

I switched to GMAIL after the last shitty Yahoo update and Gmail was okay for awhile but now GMAIL TOTALLY SUCKS TOO!

Gmail also made composing an email and sending it require MORE steps and it is a  much more awkward interface to use.

Additionally GOOGLE SUCKS more than even Yahoo in that Google never listens to their users and constantly forces changes on you in everything they control: youtube, Picasa, Gmail, you name it. They are constantly requiring you to combine all your acccounts under one name and password which:


Maybe I WANT to have separate accounts with separate log-ins!

Also Google totally bugs you with pop-ups asking you if you want to invite a friend to Gmail or some shit.


So whatever you do, don’t switch to Google.

Oh, and Hotmail (now Outlook) also sucks. With them you get tons of spam. Granted they have good methods of sorting it and and blocking it, but nevertheless you get TONS of it and constantly have to deal with it.


They are in order of worst to best:
#1 Worst: YAHOO MAIL (It is very clunky and just doesn’t work a lot of times, or works slowly when opening folders etc)
#2 Worst: GMAIL. They keep making it less user friendly AND Google is a very anti-privacy, evil company. They screw people all the time, they will delete your Youtube account or Adsense account without warning and without any way to appeal, nor do they give you a clear reason as to why they did it. THEY ARE the #1 WORST AS A COMPANY!
#3 Worst: HOTMAIL. Hotmail /Outlook gets more spam than any other that I know of and is also clunky to use.

If you have any suggestions, for a desktop OR web based email please put them in a comment below!
I’m fed up with ALL web based email that I’ve tried. I would rather PAY for a really well designed email that has no pop-ups asking me to join their other fucking services or invite friends, that does a good job of controlling spam, and that keeps my info anonymous and does not track my every move like Google and Yahoo do.

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  1. ballitch Says:

    Google is just a money hungry c*nt of a company, a long throw from what they started out doing… or was that their intention all along/ i say f*ck them to eternal damnation, evil money hungry mother-f**kers.. i just outright refuse to use anything of theirs that would require an account! and the search engine is such an automatic thing to use, we almost forget how evil the whole idea behind it is. And youtube just dominates all video compilation sites. just do like me and view the videos, don’t open an account and cater to the mafia bastards.
    In the case about the web-based mail, well sadly i agree with the main commenter that all the free webmail pretty much sucks, except that I get used to the quirky crap that Yahoo comes up with. At least they don’t drench everything in obvious “do it our way or suffer” attitude.
    It is a childish kind of email, but like everything it has grown to look like the Apple iphone style. Everybody thinks that is the way people want to use things so they go frikking lazy and copy apple incessantly. samsung=copycat.
    so now you know… how I feel about it. get over yahoo, it’s not that frikkin’ bad for god’s sake.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dude. This review is so funny I had to read the whole page! I’ve had yahoo since birth. I like my handle and everyone knows it which makes switching a P>I>A. I can only imagine all the contacts and companies I would have to contact to move everything to gmail. Even if I did all the ones I could remember I’d be sure to forget some and miss out on my inheritance. I wish I could keep the damn thing and forward it to another service but I don’t even trust the idiots to do that right. That being said, I’ve had it, yahoo mail has become SOOO bad that I have to switch. I’m not all geeky and techy and shit so I don’t know ass from elbow on some of this stuff but it straight up doesn’t work. And it used to be fine. It freezes, halts, stutters, shakes, closes, doesn’t display. I mean, c’mon people it’s email, and it what you do. I’d be embarrassed to work there. I got a new iphone thinking it was my phone. Then I thought it was my waterprrof phone cover being all clunky and shit and maybe I was hitting the wrong buttons. Nope. Still sucks.
    So I guess you haven’t figured out an alternative. I’ll check back after yahoo goes out of business and see what you’ve come up with.
    For now its outlook with their endless spam. It’s like they sell your email address to the homeless guy on the corner. And gmail which I prefer because they don’t limit the size on their attachments. I tried leaving yahoo 10 years ago but held on. now IM OUT. and I feel better about blogging about it.
    This is my second contribution to internet lore in my life. Feels pretty good to bitch to noone in particular.

  3. drums Says:

    Also that idiot and hugely overpaid new female boss totally fcked the whole thing. It was ok before her arrival. Of course the investors love her as she cut cut cut costs. Man, what utter BS of a service consumers get.

  4. purple state Says:

    Checked Wiki on the new Yahoo CEO. Seems she worked for Google for years. Is this all a plot to destroy the competition (yahoo), seems to be working great? Just made another change in January 2015. Put the new email information that used to be a single line with at least 20 or more on a page so you could see all who had emailed, now to the side. There the information is in at least 3 lines and you have to scroll a lot more to see who wants to communicate. I finally got used to their system of putting the string of emails at the most recent place of use, but putting a mark so you know it was a string. Now they don’t do that even. GRRRRR!!

  5. Secret codes Says:

    Google is ever getting money but they want more, Yahoo is getting money perhaps less than Google, but enough to boast the FR of a country, yet they suck. Why? They are greedy

  6. Jimmy J Jones Says:

    Nothing but greedy companies trying to get more and more $ out of us by demanding our email addresses and/or phone numbers. I guess it’ snot enough that they track us and sell the info about our surfing behavior. This is the worst kind of corporate behavior.
    I finally changed to No adds, reliable service. A few bugs to be worked out re composing but if enough people join and file tickets on it I’m sure they’ll fix it up. Anyway it’s worth it to be DONE with fucking Yahoo and Google mails!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    short and sweet yahoo mail and everything else about it s u c k s

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This polls fucking sucks. STFU.

  9. Daryl L Rothrock Says:

    Yahoo fucking sucks, constantly needed a new password tired of this shit

  10. Mike Says:

    cannot login yahoo, and YES my password is correct happens very regularly I’m gonna kick this yahoo SHIT outside

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